How To NOT Be A Victim

This ACTUALLY happened to me. DON”T let it happen to you!
Sometimes being FIRST helps you learn very valuable lessons.
Back in 1996 someone ripped me off!
No, they didn’t steal my money…
They didn’t steal my car…
They stole my name, and they did bad things with it.
Back in 1996 we didn’t even have a name for ‘identity theft’.
Somehow some where, some woman (I did find that much out from the phone company) used my name and billing address to activate 10 business phones at a (her) remote location.
The way I found out was when Christina, my office manager at the time, came into my office and asked “Hey, didn’t we just pay the phone bill?”
“Yes, we paid it last week” I said.
“Well we’ve got another one and it’s a big one.”
“Let me see” I said.
“WOW!” I remember was the first word out of my mouth.
If you’ve ever turned on a business phone line (this was back in the days of land lines) you know how expensive it is. Initial start-up fees, deposits, installation… it gets really expensive really quick.
Now multiply that times TEN!
I won’t go into all the gory details but, I will tell you it took MONTHS to get everything straightened out with the phone company. And this was AFTER they admitted they knew it wasn’t me.
It was a nightmare.
Today, with cyber crime at an all time high…
Unfortunately, it’s not if… it’s WHEN.
Today, it’s all but guaranteed.
YOU WILL BE A VICTIM of Identity Theft!
There’s an old saying among guys who ride motorcycles all their lives.
It’s not if… it’s when.
They are referring (sadly) to the fact that they KNOW eventually they (and the bike) are ‘going down’.
motercycle crash
Same thing for everyone who lives in California.
They KNOW it’s not IF they’re going to have another major earthquake… it’s WHEN.
And you don’t know about the quake until you’re on the 16th floor of a building and the whole place is rocking.
That’s called TOO LATE.
Today, Identity theft is THE fastest rising crime, not only in America but around the world.
It’s no longer a question of IF your identity will be stolen, it IS a matter of WHEN!
Some of the worlds largest companies, Target, B of A, Home Depot… all hacked.
The State dept; Hacked! The NSA; Hacked! The IRS; HACKED!!
You MUST protect yourself.
Today identity theft protection is just as important as your car insurance and the locks on your front door.
Do NOT put this very important decision off one more second. You KNOW how important this is to you and your family and EVERYTHING you’ve worked for over your lifetime.
Go here and sign up for Life Lock Identity theft Protection NOW!
They’ll even give you a free XX day trial if you go here now.
Do this NOW, it’s way to important to put off one more minute.



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