How Carbonite gave me ‘peace of mind’.

Technology has always been a love / hate relationship for me.
Mostly hate. My brain is all right side. I guess mom dropped me on my head too many times.
Anyway, this is the story of how Carbonite completely saved my butt, and gave me ‘peace of mind’.
The back story:
Back in 2002 I bought the Dell Inspiron 6000. Back then that was the king daddy of lap tops and it ran me about $1200.00 bucks.
I know… that was a lot of freaking money for a laptop back then?
After about four years of faithful service, she decides one day to just up and ‘crash’ on me.
We’ve all been there… it’s NO FUN!
If you haven’t had your computer crash on you yet, this letter is DOUBLY important for you, so keep reading.
It’s like your life flashes right before your eyes.
First you hit enter or the space bar… a bunch of times. Next you try to reboot. Turn it off – turn it on.
All this is followed by equal amounts of cursing and praying. (think crashing airplane with slightly less screaming) frantically hitting every button on the keyboard and silently promising a revived computer for church attendance on Sunday.
Nothing! Damn!
Your next move is to call the geekiest tech nerd you know for a recommendation on who to take your computer to so you can get your life back.
And that’s just what I did.
I called Mark, a buddy of mine who was the geekiest guy I know.
He tells me to take it to John at a place called The Computer Medic which I did… immediately.
I walk in, go up to the front counter and ring the little bell. The guy comes from around the back and I look at him and say “Mark sent me”, like it’s some secret code that will insure prompt service and a saved lap top.
He asks what happened, I give him the whole story,  to which he follows up with the all-important question.
“Do you back up?”
“Do you back up your work?” he asks again.
“Ahhhh” was all I could reply.
“I’ll take a look and call you in a couple of days” he tells me.
“What couple of days”?  “No, you don’t understand, I plead, I need this in a couple of minutes, not a couple of days.” “My life is on that computer.”
“Come with me”, he says as he motions me to follow him behind the room divider. Behind the wall I see computers stacked on shelves four and five deep, with three on his work bench in various stages of repair.
“I’m in the wrong business” I mutter under my breath.
“So call me when you know something” I say over my shoulder on my way out his front door.
Two days later, the fateful call. As it turns out, no so fateful.
Seems the good Doctor was able to bring Ms. Dell back to life.
I still have the Dell, pulled it out of the scrap heap for this pic.
dell laptop
As he’s writing up the receipt, he asks (OK, sort of tells me) I need to make sure I always back up my work and sells me a memory stick for an extra $30 bucks.
So $130 dollars later, I’m back at home getting my computer set up and my (on-line) life back to normal.
So, was I backing up now?
You bet your butt I was.
I was backing up… religiously, twice a day.
For about a week.
Then… it would slip my mind. I would forget.
Soon it was every other day.
Within a month it became once a week.
Three months later…
Fast forward: less than 1 years later… Yep! You guessed it… CRASH!!
Once again the computer medic fixed my Dell.
Same drill as before. “Hey Tommy, are you backing up?”
“Nope” I said, “I keep forgetting”
He sits me down, boots up my Dell and types Carbonite into the search bar. “This way, he tells me, it’s a total no-brainer.”
“You never have to even think about it because every time you connect to the internet, Carbonite automatically backs up your computer and it’s super inexpensive.”
In just a couple minutes I was signed up and it’s been a total no-brainer ever since.
And with their mobile apps, you sync, share, and access your files from your mobile devices.
Your life is on your computer and for around .16 cents per day, you can have total piece of mind.
Update: 14 months after signing up with Carbonite, you guessed it. The Dell went down for the fourth and FINAL time. She died.
After the funeral, I went to Costco and bought my new Acer, went home, connected to the internet, called Carbonite and within 15 minutes, every file, every picture… EVERY THING was back at home on my new computer, right where it belonged.
Without Carbonite back up… I would have been TOTALLY screwed.
Click here, NOW and back up your LIFE NOW!!
Don’t make me come over there…

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