To ‘loving liberals’ everywhere…

LOOSERVILLE USA – To the Haters: save your time, breath and fingers. Sending hate mail, death threats or calling me a ‘commie’ is a total waste of your time..
That’s my favorite, how dumb do you have to be to call a libertarian a commie? Pretty damn dumb.
Besides, I don’t even see them. My tech guys (they’re good) have already devised a sort of spam filter program that auto deletes all the hate mail.
Won’t you better serve humanity by putting that time to more productive use. That is what you’re supposed to be all about… right?
Go volunteer at Habitat for Humanity or the SPCA. Dig a well in Africa, be a big brother or big sister, rescue a pet, get a life, move out of your moms basement.
Another thing, Talk Radio T-Shirts does NOT give financial, medical or legal advice. I did play a lawyer in our 6th grade play… I was booed off the stage!
We are here for entertainment purposes only. Not like clowns to amuse you, “the last guy I want after me is Joe Pesci”  but hopefully we’re entertaining.
A lot of the content we share in our emails and on the site are things that have been passed along by you, our loyal readers. When you send us something we find interesting, we simply pass it along from here so you can share with your friends.
ps… if you’ve got a blog;
Do not steal images. We do everything we can to make sure any photos we use have been vetted or are purchased.
DO NOT steal from Getty images… they’ll chop yur nutz off!
More later
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