Slandering a race of people… what race?



1.The geographical now known known as Mexico was completely conquered by The Spanish Empire in 1521.

2.Mexico became a Nation for the first time in history in 1821, after it’s war of independence against Spain.

3.U.S. citizens fought and died to help Mexico gain independence from Spain.

4.Mexico overthrew their Spanish Imperialist Colonial rulers, and replaced them with their own Imperialist Colonial rule.

5.The Mexican revolution occurred in 1910.

6.U.S. citizens fought and died to help Mexico overthrow it’s own Imperialists.

7.The current Mexican constitution was adopted in 1917.

8.As a nation, Mexico is only 105 years old

9. As a people, Mexicans are half-breed Europeans (Spanish mixed with MesoAmerican Indian)

10.Hispanic is NOT a race! Mexican is not a race! It is a product of European/indigenous cross-breeding!

11.By the deliberate efforts of post-revolutionary governments the “Mestizo identity” was constructed as the base of the modern Mexican national identity, through a process of cultural synthesis referred to as mestizaje.

12.In terms of the “average” Mexican Mestizo, INMEGEN found the following: for Nuclear DNA, 1.2% Asian contribution, 3.3% African, 40.2% European and 55.3% ‘American’ (indigenous); for Mitochondrial DNA, 3.3% African, 5.7% European and 91% ‘American’ (indigenous); for the Y Chromosome, 2% Asian, 5% African, 60% European and 33% ‘American’ (indigenous). The mtDNA (inherited from mother) and Y Chromosome (inherited if male) results lends some credence to the belief that the Mexican Mestizo is the result of the male Conquistador and the female native.

13.Mexican children are taught in the Mexican public education system that the area they want to call “Atzlan” was stolen from the by the U.S.

14.According to a 2007 UNESCO report, Mexico has a 32.9% failure rate in its secondary schools and a 15.5% drop-out rate, while only 6 out of ten students obtain their diplomas.

15.According to the 2012 census, 41 percent of Mexicans between the ages of 16 and 19 in New York City dropped out of school. No other major immigrant group there has a rate higher than 20 percent!

16.A study in 2009 by the University of California at Berkeley found that although children of Hispanics, particularly Mexicans, start life on an intellectual par with American children, they begin to lag behind in linguistic and cognitive skills by the age of two.

19.According to an OECD study in 2012, 15% of Mexicans report having been a victim of crime in the past year, a figure which among OECD countries is only higher in South Africa.

20. The drug saturation rate in the average Mexican-American household is near 80%.

21.In 2010 Mexico’s homicide rate was 18 per 100,000 inhabitants;[110] the world average is 6.9 per 100,000 inhabitants.

22.The Mexican government’s National Geography and Statistics Institute estimated that there were 41,563 crimes per 100,000 residents in 2012!

23.The Mexican government enforces their southern border and immigration policy with a third-world iron fist while basically demanding the U.S. completely open their southern border.

24.Geraldo Rivera an ingrate, a hypocrite and a racist!

25.Illegal immigration displaces U.S. workers on many, many levels (Housing, government services, water supply, Employment, Parking, Education, local events, on and on and on and on…)

26.Immigration itself is not free.

27.The president of Mexico is a liar, a thief, and a hypocrite!

28.Illegal immigrant are ALL liars, thieves, and hypocrites, and ingrates!

29.Eva Longoria is an ingrate, a hypocrite and a racist!

30.Donald Trump speaks the truth, and owes no-one an apology!


Some I don’t write folks, just taking Americas temperature….




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