Trump vs McCain Round 2

THIS JUST IN:   – Louis J. Reporting Live From Plano, TX
The Donald may be a crass loud mouth know it all but I’m beginning to find it refreshing.
As I read the verbal in-fighting between so called liberals and republicans I realize most people don’t recognize they have become two sides of the same coin, at least in Washington.
What’s great about Trump is he’s not a Washington guy. Frankly, he’s right about immigration.
But more so, he’s right about McCain. McCain is no hero.
Do a little digging and you will find that McCain was a disorderly drunken failure at the academy finishing 490th out of 495 in his class.
He was responsible for crashing not 1, not 2, BUT 5 aircraft!
Once during a drill he crash landed on a carrier deck and in his haste to escape pushed a bomb drop button, releasing a bomb which exploded 1 minute later killing dozens.
McCain headed off for r n r and didn’t even stay for memorial services of his fellow servicemen whose lives he ended.
And after that he was PROMOTED! Anyone else would have been kicked out of the service.
His failures go on and on and on.
But McCain’s daddy and granddaddy were both four star admirals so he got a free pass and is still getting one today.
Yeah, he got shot down and was a pow, but even then he betrayed his country by denouncing it to his captors and revealing information about the military to avoid torture.
He’s a fraud and always has been. Trump nailed it!
Everyone else is so Washington connected they couldn’t dare speak out against McCain.
And that is why I’m beginning to pay closer attention to the Donald.
The guy can’t be bought. How refreshing.

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