Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations…

The thing everyone living in the United States should understand is that the word “liberal” was hi-jacked by socialists who called themselves”progressives.” They were and are “socialists.” That’s who they are.
They took a good word, liberal – which meant the same thing as the word”libertarian,” and they used it, just like they used the good word “progressive.” Liberals are all about disguising who they really are. For proof of that, just look at the nice-sounding organizations that George Soros has started or supports.
They are socialists. They know they are in the minority, so they lie about everything to gain power.
Look at the ‘nice-sounding names’ of their front-organizations:

Advancement Project: This organization works to organize “communities of color” into politically cohesive units while disseminating its leftist worldviews.
Air America Radio: Now defunct, this was a self-identified “liberal” radio network.
All of Us or None: This organization seeks to change voting laws —
Alliance for Justice: activism – the appointment of federal judges.
America Coming Together: organize pro-Democrat voter-mobilization programs.
America Votes: get-out-the-vote campaigns targeted likely Democratic voters.
America’s Voice: open-borders group.
American Bar Association Commission on Immigration Policy: “opposes laws that require citizenship or immigration status verification.
American Bridge 21st Century: conducts opposition research designed to help Democratic political candidates.
American Civil Liberties Union: opposes virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by the U.S. government.
American Constitution Society for Law and Policy: DC-based think tank seeks to move American jurisprudence to the left.
American Family Voices: This group creates and coordinates media campaigns charging Republicans with wrongdoing.
American Federation of Teachers: some of the most powerful left-wing elements of the New Labor Movement.
American Friends Service Committee: the United States as the principal cause of human suffering around the world.
American Immigration Council: open-borders lobby.
American Immigration Law Foundation: supports amnesty for illegal aliens.
American Institute for Social Justice: to produce skilled community organizers who can “transform poor communities.”.
American Library Association: outspoken critic of the Bush administration’s War on Terror and the USA Patriot Act.
The American Prospect, Inc.: trains and mentors young leftwing journalists.
Amnesty International: criticism for human rights violations of the United States and Israel.
Applied Research Center: seeks to “build a fair and equal society.”
Arab American Institute Foundation: denounces the purportedly widespread civil liberties violations directed against Arab Americans.
Aspen Institute: promotes radical environmentalism.
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now: conducts voter mobilization drives on behalf of leftist Democrats.
Ballot Initiative Strategy Center: to advance “a national progressive strategy.”
Bill of Rights Defense Committee: provides a detailed blueprint for activists.
Black Alliance for Just Immigration: seeks to create a unified movement for “social and economic justice” centered on black racial identity.
Blueprint North Carolina: influence state policy in North Carolina so that residents of the state benefit from more progressive policies.
Brennan Center for Justice: litigates test cases in pursuit of radical “change.”
Brookings Institution: facilitate the establishment of a U.N.-dominated world government.
Campaign for America’s Future: supports tax hikes, socialized medicine, and expansion of social welfare programs.
Campaign for Better Health Care: favors a single-payer health care system.
Campaign for Youth Justice: transferring juveniles to the adult criminal-justice system has little deterrence value.
Campus Progress: to strengthen progressive voices on college and university campuses.
Casa de Maryland: aggressively lobbies legislators to vote in favor of amnesty.
Catalist: to help progressive organizations.
Catholics for Choice: nominally Catholic organization supports women’s right to abortion-on-demand.
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good: generating support from the Catholic community for leftwing candidates.
Center for American Progress: leftist think tank is committed to “developing a long-term vision of a progressive America.
Center for Community Change: recruits and trains activists.
Center for Constitutional Rights: pro-Castro organization.
Center for Economic and Policy Research: opposed welfare reform.
Center for Reproductive Rights: guarantee safe, affordable contraception and abortion-on-demand for all women.
Center for Responsible Lending: “sh[ook]down and harass[ed]banks into making bad loans to unqualified borrowers.”
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: advocates greater tax expenditures on social welfare programs.
Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS): redistribute wealth by way of higher taxes.
Change America Now: created to educate citizens on the failed policies of the Republican Congress.
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington: brings ethics charges against “government officials, almost all of its targets are Republicans.
Coalition for an International Criminal Court: seeks to subordinate American criminal-justice procedures to those of an international court.
Common Cause: bring about campaign-finance reform.
Constitution Project: seeks to challenge the legality of military commissions.
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund: opposes oil exploration in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Democracy Alliance: a funding clearinghouse for leftist groups.
Democracy 21: staunch supporter of the McCain-Feingold Act.
Democracy Now!: the views of radical and foreign journalists, left and labor activists, and ideological foes of capitalism.
Democratic Justice Fund: opposes the Patriot Act and most efforts to restrict or regulate immigration into the United States.
Democratic Party: Soros’ funding activities are devoted largely to helping the Democratic Party solidify its power base. In a November 2003 interview, Soros stated that defeating President Bush in 2004 “is the central focus of my life” … “a matter of life and death.” He pledged to raise $75 million to defeat Bush, and personally donated nearly a third of that amount to anti-Bush organizations. ”
Demos: lobbies federal and state policymakers.
Drum Major Institute: think tank generating the ideas that fuel the progressive movement.
Earthjustice: seeks to place severe restrictions on how U.S. land and waterways may be used.
Economic Policy Institute: government must play a role in protecting the economically vulnerable.
Electronic Privacy Information Center: harsh critic of the USA PATRIOT Act.
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights: investment in our cities needed.
EMILY’s List: raises money for abortion-on-demand candidates.
Energy Action Coalition: clean energy and climate movement.
Fair Immigration Reform Movement: open-borders.
Faithful America: promotes the redistribution of wealth.
Feminist Majority: encourage future leadership for feminists.
Four Freedoms Fund: open-borders.
Free Exchange on Campus: created solely to oppose the efforts of one individual, David Horowitz.
Free Press: This “media reform” organization.
Funding Exchange: dedicated to bringing about their own version of “progressive” change and social justice.
Gamaliel Foundation: stand against current immigration restrictions.
Gisha: anti-Israel organization.
Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect: responsibility of the international community to intervene to protect civilians from mass atrocities.
Global Exchange: condemns America’s foreign policy, our biased policy towards Israel.
Grantmakers Without Borders: GWB tends to be very supportive of leftist environmental, anti-war, and civil rights groups.
Green For All: lobby for federal climate, energy, and economic policy initiatives.
Health Care for America Now: supports a “single payer” healthcare system.
Human Rights Campaign: The largest “lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender” lobbying group.
Human Rights First: supports open borders.
Human Rights Watch: criticism at the United States and Israel. supports open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.
I’lam: anti-Israel NGO
Immigrant Defense Project: provides immigration law backup support to assist immigrants.
Immigrant Legal Resource Center: amnesty for some three million illegal aliens in the U.S.
Immigrant Workers Citizenship Project: open-borders – advocates mass immigration.
Immigration Advocates Network: immigrant-rights groups
Immigration Policy Center: advocate of open borders.
Independent Media Center: bulletin board represents leftist, anti-capitalist perspective and anti-America themes.
Independent Media Institute: provides leftist organizations with tools to help them “achieve their social justice goals.”
Institute for America’s Future: supports socialized medicine.
Institute for New Economic Thinking: view capitalism as a flawed system.
Institute for Policy Studies: think tank supported Communist and anti-American causes.
Institute for Public Accuracy: anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Israel.
Institute for Women’s Policy Research: advocates taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
International Crisis Group: pro-Palestinian.
J Street: anti-Israel group seeks to redistribute wealth from Jewish donors to low-income communities.
Joint Victory Campaign 2004: fundraising for Democrats during the 2004 election.
Justice at Stake: calls for appointed judges rather than elected.
LatinoJustice PRLDF: supports bilingual education, rights for illegal aliens.
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law: views America as racist nation.
League of United Latin American Citizens: This group views America as a nation plagued by “an alarming increase in xenophobia and anti-Hispanic sentiment”; favors racial preferences;
League of Women Voters Education Fund: supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
League of Young Voters: seeks to “empowe[r]young people to create progressive political change.
Lynne Stewart Defense Committee: Soros gave $20,000.
Machsom Watch: a movement of Israeli women who oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestinians’ land.”
MADRE: This international women’s organization deems America the world’s foremost violator of human rights. As such, it seeks to “communicat[e]the real-life impact of U.S. policies on women and families confronting violence, poverty and repression around the world,” and to “demand alternatives to destructive U.S. policies.” It also advocates unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement: seeks to establish an independent black nation in the southeastern United States.
Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition: calls for the expansion of civil rights and liberties for illegal aliens.
Media Fund: place political ads on television, radio, print, and the Internet.
Media Matters for America: monitor conservative misinformation
Mercy Corps: places all blame for Palestinian poverty and suffering directly on Israel.
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund: open border advocates
Meyer, Suozzi, English and Klein, PC: influential defender of Big Labor.
Midwest Academy: trains radical activists.
Migration Policy Institute: seeks disappearing border controls … permanent migration.
Military Families Speak Out: U.S. invasion of Iraq – imperialism and lust for oil. supports Democratic political candidates – fundraising, advertising, and get-out-the-vote drives.
Ms. Foundation for Women: promotes affirmative action for women, abortion-on-demand.
NARAL Pro-Choice America: supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund: supports racial preferences in employment and education, as well as the racial gerrymandering of voting districts.
The Nation Institute: sponsors leftist conferences, fellowships, awards for radical activists.
National Abortion Federation: opposes any restrictions on abortion.
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty: devoted to abolishing capital punishment.”
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy: promotes grant-makers and grantees with leftist agendas.
National Committee for Voting Integrity: opposes “the implementation of proof of citizenship.
National Council for Research on Women: supports big government, high taxes, military spending cuts, increased social welfare spending, and the unrestricted right to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
National Council of La Raza: amnesty for illegal aliens.
National Council of Women’s Organizations: views the United States as a nation rife with injustice against girls and women. advocates high levels of spending for social welfare programs.
National Immigration Forum: Opposes the enforcement of present immigration laws.
National Immigration Law Center: seeks to win unrestricted access to government-funded social welfare programs for illegal aliens.
National Lawyers Guild: promotes open borders.
National Organization for Women: advocates abortion-on-demand.
National Partnership for Women and Families: supports race- and sex-based preferences.
National Priorities Project: supports government-mandated redistribution of wealth.
National Public Radio: a loose network of more than 750 U.S. radio stations.
National Security Archive Fund: collects and publishes declassified documents.
National Women’s Law Center: supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
Natural Resources Defense Council: One of the most influential environmentalist lobbying groups in the United States.
New America Foundation: uses policy papers to influence public opinion.
New Israel Fund: gives support to NGOs that regularly produce reports accusing Israel of human-rights violations.
NewsCorpWatch: project of Media Matters For America.
Pacifica Foundation: owns and operates Pacifica Radio, awash from its birth with the socialist-Marxist rhetoric of class warfare and hatred for capitalism.
Peace and Security Funders Group: association that gives money to leftist anti-war and environmentalist causes.
Peace Development Fund: U.S. needs a massive overhaul of its social and economic institutions.
People for the American Way: opposes the Patriot Act, anti-terrorism measures generally, and growing influence of the “religious right.”
Physicians for Human Rights: critical of the United States and Israel.
Physicians for Social Responsibility: embraces the tenets of radical environmentalism.
Planned Parenthood: largest abortion provider advocates taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
Ploughshares Fund: opposes America’s development of a missile defense system.
Prepare New York: This group supported Muslim Community Center near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan project–
Presidential Climate Action Project: to create a new 21st-century economy, completely carbon-free and based largely on renewable energy.
Prison Moratorium Project: working for the elimination of all prisons in the United States.
Progressive Change Campaign Committee: works “to elect bold progressive candidates to federal office.”
Progressive States Network: to pass progressive legislation in all fifty states
Project Vote: This is the voter-mobilization arm of the Soros-funded ACORN.
Pro Publica: Claims “investigative journalism is at risk,”
Proteus Fund: directs its philanthropy toward a number of radical leftwing organizations.
Public Citizen Foundation: increased government intervention and litigation against corporations —
Public Justice Center: promotes “systemic change for the disenfranchised.”
Rebuild and Renew America Now (a.k.a. Unity ’09): to facilitate the passage of President Obama’s “historic” $3.5 trillion budget for fiscal year 2010.
Res Publica: to advance far-left agendas in places all around the world,
Secretary of State Project: helping Democrats get elected to the office of Secretary of State in selected swing, or battleground, states.
Sentencing Project: advocates voting rights for felons.
Social Justice Leadership: seeks to transform an allegedly inequitable America into a “just society” by means of “a renewed social-justice movement.”
Shadow Democratic Party: an elaborate network of non-profit activist groups organized by George Soros and others to mobilize resources —
Sojourners: This evangelical Christian ministry preaches radical leftwing politics.
Southern Poverty Law Center: monitors the activities of what it calls “hate groups” in the United States.
State Voices: helps independent local activist groups in 22 states work collaboratively on a year-round basis.
Think Progress: “pushes back, daily,” by its own account, against its conservative targets.
Thunder Road Group: coordinates strategy for the Media Fund, America Coming Together, and America Votes.
Tides Foundation and Tides Center: Tides is a major funder of the radical Left.
U.S. Public Interest Research Group: an umbrella organization that support leftist agendas.
Universal Healthcare Action Network: supports a single-payer health care system controlled by the federal government.
Urban Institute: favors socialized medicine.
USAction Education Fund: “fighting the right wing agenda”; “building grassroots political power”;
Working Families Party: An outgrowth of the socialist New Party.

Don’t believe a liberal. They know socialism has never worked and they don’t want you to know the truth about them.

Just the facts…


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