The About Page…

That’s easy… It’s About YOU!!!

It’s about the 80 MILLION FED-UP and PISSED OFF AMERICANS                                                                who have had it “Up To Here” with Washington D.C.
From the Kool-Aid Guzzling, Whacked-Out Socialist Liberals on the Left,                                                 to the Weak, Gutless Butt Kissing RINO’S on the right.
It’s about YOU having that voice that says:
“I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Pay It Anymore!
Hi folks, Tommy Jenkins here.
Tommy JenkinsWe know the majority of talk radio is defined by the voice of “Common Sense Conservatism”.
These shirts echo the sentiments of millions of FED-UP Americans who are sick and tired of “Politics as Usual” in Washington D. C.
We’re a good fit for folks who strongly hold to the principles handed down to us by the framers of our Constitution, especially as it pertains to:
  • OUR RIGHTS! – Our fundamental right to Free Speech which is the cornerstone of Talk Radio T-Shirts.
  • OUR FREEDOMS! – No freedom is more important to the security of a Free State, then the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and it SHALL NOT be infringed upon. (yep, I’m a gun guy)
  • OUR MONEY! – With our Out-of-Control-Government, hell bent on selling Cradle to Grave Welfare and Entitlements as the new reality, we can no longer sit idly by and watch as Washington robs us blind and drives our nation into bankruptcy.
You’ll notice the blog… is filled with lots of satire, tongue-in-cheek truisms, TOP 10 Lists and a good old fashion sock-in-the-eye to all things Washington! Right and Left alike… I Don’t Pull Punches!
On the nav bar where it says Contact Us / Send Us Stuff, please do… send us stuff. All the stuff that make you go DUH. We especially like the funny, quirky, oddball stuff.
In our email correspondence back and forth, we all share our views, reviews and advice on all sorts of Products, Services, Prepper / Survival / Gun info and everything that allow us to live OUR VERY OWN American Dream.
You folks are awesome when it comes to sharing great news, thought and insights on things that help make our lives better. My thanks to you for that.
How about this: Talk Radio T-Shirts is the meeting place for those                                                             who CHOOSE success in life and a F*R*E*E America!
Disclaimer: Freedom isn’t FREE! It DOESN’T come easy. There IS work involved.
So – if you just want to sit on your ass, feel like you are entitled to everything for free                           while bitching about how terrible America is…go occupy your mom’s basement.
I’ve been creating these shirts for almost 20 years and I still get a big kick when someone writes and tells me their “Grocery Store Story” *. I’m looking forward to reading yours.
san diego bay 2Today, I’m equal parts: sailor, sinner, cigar smoking, single malt sipping, serial entrepreneur, afternoon golfer, an unapologetic capitalist, common sense libertarian and the guy whose life purpose is to give Great Americans like YOU


So my thanks to you for stopping by… you are all very welcome guests.
If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you sign up for                        your shot at scoring your very own FREE T-Shirt.
And please do share this with all of your like-minded friends.
Can you imagine an Army of Common Sense, Freedom Loving Americans with a voice?
To your success always…
“Being a Pain in Washington’s Ass since 1996!”

YOU CAN exercise your right to FREE SPEECH!
You MUST let your voice be heard… TODAY!!

*Grocery Store Story: Over the years, most of the comments I get from people (95%+ POSITIVE btw) come when I’m standing in line at the grocery store. That’s one of the reasons I put the text on the back instead of the front. This way, folks can have time to read the shirt, while you’re standing still.

A funny aside to this… and I suppose a lot of this comes from living in Southern California for so many years, is that I almost named the company “Dude, I Love Your Shirt.”

WHY? It’s been no less than ONE THOUSAND TIMES, while standing in line at the grocery store, someone has tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Dude, I Love Your Shirt.