To ALL Freedom Loving Americans:

In The Next 90 Seconds YOU CAN…

Help Save America from the Graft, Greed and Corruption                                                             that oozes from every pore of our Government…

We CAN do it… ONE (ok 5) T-Shirts at a Time!

Wear these shirts and you’ll feel a lot like
superman… you really will!



It is NOT Meant for the Squeamish, the ‘Pretended-to-be-Offended’ Crowd,   the Kool-Aid Guzzling Liberals or Whiny RINO’S that now Infest Washington!

Don’t let the ‘Main Stream Media’ fool you folks:

The number of people who support smaller government, lower taxes and the “Return-of-our-Rights in grass roots organizations all across America, like the Town Halls and the Tea Party, is GROWING!
We ARE NOT fringe radical far-right extremists. NO! We’re simply freedom loving Americans who refuse to let Washington’s “Culture of Corruption” destroy our great nation.

The Main Stream Media knows this and it SCARES THEM TO DEATH!


This Is What Talk Radio T-Shirts Is All About!

It’s for the MILLIONS of folks who are sick and tired of the “Politics As Usual” in Washington DC.,
These T-Shirts are a great way to ‘wake-up’ the masses and gear up for the upcoming BIG election in 2016. We MUST defeat Hillary and maintain control of the House and Senate!!!
From independents to conservatives to libertarians. From the Ron Paul Revolution to Trump to Ted Nugent (and growing up in the Detroit suburbs, you know I love my ‘Motor City Madman’)
People are wearing and loving these shirts.

Someone once said to me, that these shirts represent the voice that is so desperately needed to save America from the ‘Poverty Pimp’ Democrats and ‘Country Club’ RINO Republicans in Washington

Hi folks, Tommy here… sitting proudly atop the ‘enemy’s list’

Care to Join Me?

The REAL question is… Do You DARE to Join Me?
I know you’re pissed off at this whole damn charade. The power grabbing, the crony bail-outs, the massive illegal cover-ups and the bankruptcy driven financial farce Washington has become.
Lunatics on the Left, RINO’s on the Right, and an ever growing, out-of-control government, destine to DESTROY OUR NATION.
Don’t let the 2014 “Shift-In-Power” lull you into a false sense of complacency.
We MUST raise our voice and take a stand and hold ALL of Washington Accountable.
Question is… Have You Got The Guts?
I’m thrilled to be offering these shirts, 19 years and counting, as a way to help YOU have a voice.

THE voices that can SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

Every time you wear these shirts, it will be just like YOU having your very own Talk Radio show!
1st2ndOver the years, most folks pick up several shirts at the same time. They’re actually cheaper this way.
No! I’m not telling you this to sell more shirts. With the “buy 4, get 1 FREE option” it not only saves you lots of green, it gives All of us an opportunity to give our friendsThe Voice of Freedom” too.
Friends, family, business owners and entrepreneurs… we’re usually all on the same page.
We’re not including your ‘crazy’ Aunt Midge who plans on voting for Obama for a third time in 2016…

Here’s the breakdown on the shirts:

If you purchase 1 or 2 or 3 shirt, they’re $19.95 each.









That includes everything: the printing, handling, shipping, sales tax and this…
The Worlds Most Ultimate And Excellent Guarantee!!!
It is the… (drum-roll please)

100% “Lifetime-Of-Aggravation” Guarantee!

That’s Right!

Money back blue grunge stamp

If these shirts fail to irritate or aggravate                                                               your favorite liberal (if there is such a thing)                                                         simply return the shirt and I’ll give you your money back!


But Wait… That’s Not All (as they say on TV)It Gets Even Better!
Because when you purchase 4 shirts…

I throw in your 5th shirt (the NEVER Mistake Me Shirt) FREE

(in the same order going to the same address.)
Now we’ve got the shirts down to Less Than $16 Bucks Per Shirt. ($15.96 to be exact)
That includes the shipping, the handling, the tax, the whole enchilada.

Plus…(That’s right; I’m not done with you yet.)

Wounded Warrior ProjectWhen you chose the ‘Buy 4 Get 1 FREE’ option, we here at Talk Radio T-Shirts make a $5.00 Donation (in your name) to the Wounded Warrior Project.
So by picking up a few shirts, we’re ALL:
  1. *** Having our collective voices heard.
  2. *** Doing our part to turn back the tide of socialism.
  3. *** Make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project.
  4. *** Provide printing and fulfillment jobs (the shipping and handling) to the folks who really need the work. (real jobs… not them ‘gubmint’ jobs 🙂
Bottom line: For the price of an inexpensive night out, you and your family and friends can finally have the opportunity to have your voice heard and take our country back.
SO… The ball is in your court. Will you continue to sit idly by while this OUT OF CONTROL Monstrous Government continues its rampage stealing our rights, freedoms and money? Or will you draw that line in the sand and declare


Will you ‘step up to the plate’ and take the opportunity for you and your friends and family to once and for all, have your voices heard?
There’s only ONE choice every Freedom Loving, Tyranny Hating American can make. Agreed? GREAT!
Make your choices here; mix and match as many as you’d like.
5thGo ahead and click on any one of the shirts and that will take you right to the order page. Pick up some shirts today, hand them out to your friends next week, and let’s start the march to take our country back NOW!

“Taking Our Country Back, One (ok… 5) T-Shirts At A Time”



Ps, Of course you can always mail a check.

Please make the check payable to:
T R Buzz Media
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