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Hey everybody, first, thanks for sending all the great stuff; jokes, cartoons, rants and raves, the stuff you wrote and the stuff ya stole:-)

We have some guidelines, suggestions really, when it comes to submitting your stuff to us.

Nothing racist. Everyone knows that Al Shrimpton is a race baiting, poverty pimping circus clown. Few deny it. But recognizing that and pointing it out, that’s not racism. That’s merely the general consensus among intelligent people. Skip the stupid, sophomoric N material... enough said.

Send me quirky, funny, and irreverent, you get the idea. Don’t put your name on someone else’s work.

And please libby… stop with the hate mail. You're wasting your time. I don’t even see it. You’ve heard of spam filters? My tech guy built me a ‘hate’ filter. Works real goodly too.

Ok, send me your best.


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